•   Wilcox Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Wilcox Wastewater Treatment Plant
    Wilson Electric was selected to replace the old retention ponds with a new wastewater treatment plant in Willcox, AZ. The  construction  of the wastewater  treatment  plant  included influent pumps, a mechanical coarse screen, oxidation ditch flow control structure, oxidation ditches, secondary clarifier flow control structure, secondary clarifiers, scum pump station, clarifier drain pump station, RAS/WAS pump station, disc filters, chlorine contact piping,  chemical  disinfecting  and  de-chlorination facilities,  effluent   pump  station,  septage receiving station, sludge holding tank, rotary screw press dewatering equipment, sludge drying area, yard piping, Operations and Maintenance Building and a Blower/Electrical Building.
  •   Val Vista Water Treatment Plant Rehab

    Val Vista Water Treatment Plant Rehab
    This project consisted of replacement of the east inlet bar screen and conveyor system, east and west plant 72” flowmeters, and electrical distribution systems for the east sludge collectors. Installed electrical and control system for new sludge collectors and replaced the automatic transfer switch for the disinfection system.
  •   City of Mesa Northwest Water Reclamation

    City of Mesa Northwest Water Reclamation
    This project consisted of expanding the head works building and equipment, installing new primary and secondary clarifiers and pump stations, new blower building, new solids building, new centrifuge building, new digesters, and a new UV/effluent pumping station. The electrical system consisted of a 4160V distribution to three 2575KVA‐4160 to 480V transformers for plant power. Blowers were 700 HP 4160 for air supply.
  •   White Tanks Regional Water Treatment Plant

    White Tanks Regional Water Treatment Plant
    This project consisted of raw water screening, storage basins and pumping station. Treatment facilities included mixing, flocculation, DAF clarification and GAC/sand filtration. Finished water disinfection facilities included UV light disinfection, chlorination, storage basins and high service pumping. Residual processing facilities included DAF and filter backwash solids removal. Chemical feed storage facilities were also a part of this project.
  •   Fountain Hills Headworks Upgrade

    Fountain Hills Headworks Upgrade
    This headworks upgrade included electrical for a new influent pump station, new sludge thickening equipment, and MDW upgrades in non-potable water.
  •   Greenfield Solids Handling Facility Bus Duct Replacement

    Greenfield Solids Handling Facility Bus Duct Replacement
    The Greenfield WRF Plant serves the City of Mesa, Town of Gilbert and Town of Queen Creek. It’s capacity is almost 28 million gallons of sewage per day. It is an end of line plant (meaning it can never shutdown) as there is no place to put the sewage, if the plant where to become in-operable.

    The Greenfield Solids Handling Facility project design intent, was to remove the old bus duct system originating at (2) 3125KVA Transformers, and (2) 1000KW Generators, and replace the bus duct, with 600V cable. Bus duct, though widely used in the industry, was not the correct application for this process facility. The Solids handling facility had experienced (3) extended outages, after large monsoon storms, had rolled though the Southeast Valley. The bus duct failed, due to rainwater getting into it, and causing a phase to phase fault, which blew a hole in the bus duct, in several areas. This became a major problem, as the Solids Facility Generators had to run for days, with the plant only being able to operate at a limited capacity.

    Wilson Electric was brought in for our expertise, of not only installing the new cable feeder systems, but developing a procedure to demo and replace each system, during a series of outages, known as Maintenance of Plant Operations, or MOPO. It took months of development, and meetings with the Owner/Engineer, but at the end of the day, a procedure was developed and executed in a time frame of three weeks.
  •   Scottsdale Advanced Water Treatment Plant Expansion

    Scottsdale Advanced Water Treatment Plant Expansion
    This $11 million membrane filtration project at an existing water campus included installation of electrical power distribution and instrumentation control systems to support new and upgraded facilities. Successful collaboration with the design-build team contributed to the successful completion of this CMAR project. Organization and open communication among all stakeholders were critical to maintaining critical functions during electrical and mechanical tie-ins.
  •   Scottsdale Advanced Water Treatment Plant

    Scottsdale Advanced Water Treatment Plant
    This $9.3 million, 28-mgd project included a new Siemens membrane filtration system, three new RO trains, sodium hypochlorite and neutralization systems, new blower and ozone disinfectant system. In addition new chemical feed systems, CIP system and new and recharge well facilities were installed. The project included installation of Arizona’s first Calgon UV pipe-mounted system.
  •   Chaparral Water Treatment Plant

    Chaparral Water Treatment Plant
    $7.1 million ground up water treatment project for the City of Scottsdale. The electrical system for this project consisted of two 15KV feeders and two 15KV generators feeding dual buss switchgear. The 15KV gear fed four 2500KVA 12470/480 transformers for the 480V distribution for plant operation. Underground layout was designed to deal with electrical distribution challenges in the unique architectural structure.
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