Wilson Electric is One of the Safest Electrical Contractors in the Country.

Safety is an integral component of our culture: we have earned a reputation for our proactive approach and high standards and it shows in our impressively low EMR of: 0.48 Best in Class. Wilson Electric is one of the safest Electrical Contractors in the nation.

Ensuring safety on all projects is the most important thing we do for our employees, clients, subcontractors, and the community. By maintaining an industry-leading safety program with little to no work related injuries, we ensure everyone returns home safely to their loved ones each night.  It's partly because we're an employee-owned company where family is a key element, and employees are viewed as our greatest and most valuable asset. We emphasize safety, because simply, it's the right thing to do. 

As a result, we have earned several significant safety awards. Wilson Electric is the only subcontractor in Arizona to earn ADOSH's coveted Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) STAR Status. Companies who are awarded the STAR designation demonstrate exemplary and comprehensive, safety and health management systems.

VPP is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's highest program of recognition across all United States OSHA organizations. It recognizes employers and workers in private and federal workplaces who have exemplified effective safety and health management systems to achieve injury and illness rates more than 50 percent below the national average. The VPP program is a partnership approach with ADOSH, were business ask ADOSH to come in and help them achieve the highest safety standards.

As we continue to work tirelessly and execute the detailed planning required to maintain a resilient safety culture, it is clear that we will take the necessary measures to keep our work family safe from workplace hazards.

Our team is driven by the cost benefits tied to accident prevention. One of the advantages of being an employee-owned company, is that we are eager to do our part to maintain the highest quality workmanship, while welcoming all opportunities to reduce the cost of insurance premiums, increase the bottom line, and ultimately grow the value of our company.

Wilson Electric Services Corp. continues to maintain an unwavering focus and disciplined commitment to provide a successful, accident-free, and healthy place to work.

Wilson Electric strives to not only be the safest electrical contracting company in America, but to improve our safety numbers every single year. The results only motivate us to push even harder. Our experience modifier (EMR) has produced a credit on our workers' compensation insurance premium for years.
Arizona VPP Star ADOSH, Labor, Management Partners in Safety Arizona Electrical Contractor Safety Award
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